Monday, May 29, 2017

Never.... Let go..

Maybe there is something that's telling you to stop
Maybe there's a reason for you to just give up
I know that your decision isn't your own fatal flaw
I know that what you trust is what you think you'll never saw
I know that all you love is what I'm willing to know
But there's still something there that won't let you let go 

I know that you love me, but you cant measure my love how it's continuously  grow.

love swords

Unspoken words are the first in your voice sheen,
And missing love is a place in your heart will always be green.
I scream, when my tearing soul becomes dim.
We're yet no more inside of our universe rim.
You're my blessing along the life shore,
And I heard the raven says, 'you always need more! '
Broken dreams in midnight taper will weep.
Love with trust traces of tears will sleep.

I'll keep all silence in the absence of your words
Killing time in preparing my wings of love swords.
I eat my waking dreams and close my deepest wound
As sky eats its clouds and earth closes grave ground.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Visa to the unknown

I'll travel through darkness in search of something what that is no clue have 
I what lies ahead in yonder fields leads me astray on the broken path of loneliness 
I follow under bright moon light and stars my only company in the black of night some where along the way lies the answers in which I seek but in which is like a puzzle with an infinite amount of clues but I only need one answer on a quest that has taken long and forever keep going keep marching onward for long as there is a beat in my heart I can do this for time is all but I have gone are times of happiness madness an anger for what replaces those are loneliness self faith a mystery I guess but all I can do is keep going farther into darkness and feel my heart beat and see star light twinkle and guide my way into the night and then afterwards answers will come to me as long as I keep ticking like a clock towards my destiny