Friday, October 20, 2017


Didn't you know that, no matter how we may feel or what may come our way, we'll keep on moving forward with each and every day.
Aren't we searching for a new life hoping for a change, wishing for a miracle to stop feeling like we're strange.
Aren't we accept to taking up the challenge and breaking every mound, keeping our moments striving and to be bold.
didn't you know that, no matter what we may see or where the road may lead, We'll keep on progress with every noble deed.
Aren't we building for the future and fighting only for to find some peace, dreaming of a new dawn for release.
didn't you know that no matter where we end up or how the world may end, we'll keep on getting better with each new obstacle and bend.
Aren't we standing at the bind waiting for our turn, planning for the new world to sharing all we learn.
Now listen... No matter who we become or when the day will be, we'll keep on making changes with every chance we see.
didn't you know that, when trust is lost, we'll pay a high cost, 
didn't you know that this heart is beating for you, and to love you must bow.

Stay .. it's my birthday

Please... stay calm, safe and in my sight for you cannot leave my side tonight,
didn't you know that without you I have no hope and here alone I cannot cope.
Please.. stay soft, warm and in my heart we cannot fall or drift apart for without you there is no me and nothing left for us to be.
please. stay young, strong and ever bright for I cannot live without your light,
didn't you know that without you there is no home and ever more my heart will beating or roam. 

Storm in my head

Am I darkness looking for rare kind in shadows roam and only maze is what I can find, am I digging through my weakened mind, leaving nothing... safe behind, Storm clouds darkening with dread... hanging here above my head,
Hiding from the skies once we’ve fled... floating on the fear they’re fed.
deceiving visions serving for free in a dreamless void that's all I can see,
Hollow point, hollow shell that once was me... Alone, and forever more... to be.