Wednesday, September 21, 2016

millions.. not enough.

You can read a million books, Learn a millions lines, Close your eyes and wonder and forget it all a million times..
You can eat a millions foods, Drink a million wines
And still find yourself unsatisfied with your taste still undefined
You can hope a millions times and dream a million sheep, you can laugh as though it doesn’t bother you.. Even if a million nights .. you weep
You can sing a million notes,  practice a million ways.. And all it takes is one rejection to have you stop after just one day.
You can have a million lovers, search for a million hearts.. You can hold your breath and wonder and yet suffocate before it ever starts.
You can have a million lifetimes.. A million chances to succeeded, and yet if you never try just once to break the rules..  you will lose the meaning behind your royalty.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

bad... bad life

A person maintains a balance of feeling... Some are destructive others giving healing
Some give great joy whereas others are sad... They can be good or painful and bad
A balance of life is there for us all... As we rise joyfully high then to depths we fall
We have these two huge extremes... To appreciate the opposite to me it seems
If we were never filled with good light... When the darkness falls we'd not fight
Opposites are always there and always kept... We've all experienced joy then to have wept
So next time it seems again all is sadly lost... And life's meaning and purpose has been tossed
Remember though bad the opposite's still near... Keep trying have faith and good will appear.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

With no regret

The greater test in life is to wait for something maybe will lead you to your final destination with so much pleasure.. but the greatest is to be able to accept that you were waiting for nothing with no regrettably regret.. 
No matter how far we’ve gone, or how fast we go.
No matter how high we get, or even how low.
Life is a journey, fuelled by the heart.
Where the road to reality, is just where you start.
So first, we need to make the right choices,
As the decisions we make.
Decide our conditions, and paths that we take.
Because every living thing, has the potential for a destination.
Where fulfillment is critical, trumping expectation.
As long as you’re positive, we won’t drown in our debts.
So just live our life, with no, regrets.. andbe thankful for those precious moments we lived.